Harry Baruch

Mobile Series

All the short films below are shot and mostly edited using only an iPhone.

The Mobile Series

All the short films below are shot and (mostly*) edited using only an iPhone. I wanted to push the consumer cameras abilities. It’s common knowledge that the phone can now produce a quality image, I set out to test that. Shooting at a bitrate of 100 and using the app Filmic Pro I wanted to try and successfully remove the tech and focus on the story without impacting quality. Currently, in post production is an Architecture video using an iPhone on a Freefly Movi Cinema Robot using Moment Lenses.

*Most edits are started in Adobe Premiere Rush on the iPhone, then migrated over to Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X for finishing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 8.50.28 AM.png


iPhone 8 Plus

Freely Movi Cinema Robot

Moment Lenses - 8mm / 18mm /60mm

Filmic Pro & Movi Cinema Robot app

Arkitek is a mobile fine art film shot at 60fps in 4k. Phone: Shot on an iphone 8 plus Lens: Moment 60mm, 18mm, fisheye Equipment: Freefly Movi, FilmicPro, Final Cut Pro X If you look up in NYC, you'll see something different every time.

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A snapshot of Washington Square Park in Manhattan NY on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


A snapshot of the lower east side of Manhattan on a rainy August Saturday.