Harry Baruch

Mobile Series

All the short films below are shot and mostly edited using only an iPhone.

The Mobile Series

All the short films below are shot and (mostly*) edited using only an iPhone. I wanted to push the consumer cameras abilities. It's common knowledge that the phone can now produce a quality image, I set out to test that.

The first film, Arketek is a self-reflective piece. Anxiety, a lack of control on. It tackles fear with a meditative approach and a nod to my love for space.

The second film, Washington Square Park, is a peaceful look into a hot summer day in NYC. A random day, A casual Park. Of all 8 million people in NYC, these are the people that decided to be at the park. I played with the use of grain to make a nostalgic remembrance of each shot. I like to think we all have similar schedules.

The third film, The Lower East Side, was the first film I shot on the iPhone. The story of an area in NYC. Everyone is in sync and feeding off the energy of the city. From the jogger running across the street. to the cab driver - the blood cell of the city's roads.

Shooting at a bitrate of 100 and using the app Filmic Pro I wanted to try and successfully remove the tech and focus on the story without impacting quality. Currently, in post-production is an Architecture video using an iPhone on a Freefly Movi Cinema Robot using Moment Lenses.

*Most edits are started in Adobe Premiere Rush on the iPhone, then migrated over to Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X for finishing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 8.50.28 AM.png


iPhone 8 Plus

Freely Movi Cinema Robot

Moment Lenses - 8mm / 18mm /60mm

Filmic Pro & Movi Cinema Robot app

Arkitek is a reflective experimental film featuring New York City’s architecture. View full project

A snapshot of Washington Square Park in Manhattan NY on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


A snapshot of the lower east side of Manhattan on a rainy August Saturday.