Harry Baruch



Arkitek is a meditative experimental film featuring New York City’s architecture.

The movements were executed using a Freefly Movis barrel roll feature on an X & Y axis, while simultaneously skateboarding on a Z axis. The Equipment used was an iPhone 8 plus & Moments 60mm, 18mm, fish lenses.

This film took three months in total. I was honored when Ananth Sundara agreed to be my composer on the project. He captured a feeling of beautiful uncanniness that allows for the buildings to feel as one breathing entity.

This film was a beautiful challenge to make.


Structures In Order Of Appearance:  

Fulton Street Subway Station 

Flatiron Building 

56 Leonard 

Via 57 West 

110 11th Ave 

The Oculus 

Grace Building 

The Guggenheim 

The High Line